Pastry Chef, Mirjana Spoljar

Mirjana Spoljar, Chef pâtissier, started working at the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel 21 years ago. She started from the most junior position - assistant pastry chef - and slowly worked her way up to the third, second and then first pastry chef. In a short period she earned promotion, becoming chef’s assistant and finally the chef pâtissier, a position she has held for 10 years.

As a pastry chef Mirjana Spoljar is in charge for creating imaginative dessert menus.
that changes every couple of months, so you have the opportunity to try something new every time you come. Mirjana and her pastry team are always trying to fulfill guest’s wishes and requirements which are not a part of the standard offer. Their mantra is "if it’s in the fridge, we’ll do it".

Mirjana is the winner of five national championships and received a couple of international awards.


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